Advantage analysis of the use of laser marking machine marking

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Watches can be seen everywhere in life. Watches are not just about looking at time. They are a kind of identity and a kind of quality. They condense the wisdom of countless people and reveal the charm of art between squares. However, the watch is worn on the hand and often suffers from the appearance of abrasion, rubbing, scratching, etc., so it requires extremely high precision and dexterous processing technology in the manufacturing process.

Advantage analysis of the use of laser marking machine marking

The watch is very narrow in the entire processing process and must be vigilant at all times. It needs constant review, trade-offs and choices. Every manufacturing process is quite complicated, and it needs to be closely coordinated. Paying attention to every detail, subtle mistakes and a little flaw will affect the quality of the entire watch. As a direct influencing factor of the appearance of the watch, the information mark occupies a very important position in the manufacturing process of the watch, which is directly related to the first impression that the product gives the customer. In the past, we used traditional processing methods for processing, which was not only very complicated in operation, but also difficult to guarantee quality. Now, using the laser marking machine provided by TANDBERG Laser - laser marking technology for information marking on the outer surface has the following advantages:

1. Not only can reduce the production cost of the watch, reduce consumables, and at the same time, the extremely delicate marking effect is an improvement of the added value of the product, making the product more competitive in the market.

2. Permanent marking to improve anti-counterfeiting ability;

3. Increase the added value, the ultimate delicate marking effect, is an improvement of the added value of the product, making the product more competitive in the market.

4. Environmental protection, safety, laser marking machine does not produce any chemicals harmful to the human body and the environment.

5. During the processing, there is no contact with the outer surface of the watch, so there is no mechanical extrusion and mechanical stress, which is very important for the current watch manufacturing, and can better guarantee the processing quality of the watch.

The traditional technical means in the process of processing, due to the need to contact the surface of the processed article, it is easy to cause damage and extrusion of the marking surface, causing flaws in the marking surface, which affects the overall appearance of the watch. On the other hand, because the processing space of the watch is relatively narrow, and the processing process does not allow subtle errors, this makes the watch process better than the process on the fingertips, and requires the masters to concentrate on the subtle carvings. Nowadays, because the laser marking machine adopts the computer software control system, it can precisely control the small laser beam to quickly scribe on the surface of the watch. Compared with the traditional processing methods, not only the quality is guaranteed, but also the processing. There is also a big improvement in efficiency and effectiveness.

Application areas of laser marking machines:

Computers, mobile phones, consumer electronics, electronic components, auto parts, daily hardware, medical equipment and other fields.

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