Company Introduction


SEAZEA with a staff of over 60 people, located throughout the China, provides technical sales,service,training and spare part support for both the China and SEAZEA’s other countries after sales service center.

Technical Staff

Its Technical Staff, being about one-half of the company personnel, represents the awareness of a long term commitment to its customers’ need for a well trained and knowledgeable staff for SEAZEA’s 100+ machines already installed and under support. The average tenure of the technical staff is 5+ years, with continuing training and certification by SINMIC for technical skills.

Parts Staff

Its Parts Staff handles requests for parts orders, quotes, retrofits and follow-up, having a call logging database for the requests it handles. With thousands of parts in stock, an inventory value of $1.1+ million and orders being received in weekly from other countries (Italy,Japan,Germany,USA…), the parts department responds with daily shipments, completing about 90% of its requests each day.

Accessories Repair Department

The Accessories Repair department represents the specific determination of SEAZEA to provide the best possible repair service for its customers’ SEAZEA spindles, motor, driver, control system and so on, which are designed, produced, and assembled by SEAZEA to its own high performance standards and must be repaired accordingly.

Phone Support Group

SEAZEA Phone Support Group provides regular hour’s phone support to our customers’machine related questions, non-operational conditions, and progra

R & D

SEAZEA prides itself on being both an originator and supporter of concepts, new methods, improvements in design and new products required for its market. With this in mind SINMIC introduced several new patents during 2014 for woodworking,specialized solutions with a high impact on manufacturing methods and efficiency.


SEAZEA is proud to have held an ISO 9001 & CE & ROHS quality certification from 2015.

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