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SINMIC CNC machine used in Signs & Graphics business

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The sign and graphics industry is an important business for SINMIC. Our clients in this industry number in the thousands, from one person operations to multinational organisations with hundreds of employees and multiple manufacturing locations. We have CNC Router & Laser machine solutions for both these groups, and everyone in between.

Cut varying thicknesses of acrylic, engravers plastic and other plastic materials with extreme precision. Laser cutting creates a beautifully finished, clean edge on plastics.

Generate new revenue and higher margins by keeping fabric cutting in-house. SINMIC makes it easy to quickly and accurately cut multiple layers of twill appliqué in one job. Other fabrics such as denim, leather and felt can be laser cut with precision

Most metals can be laser marked by first applying a marking compound to the metal surface. The laser beam fuses the marking compound with the metal, leaving behind a dark mark (almost black) that does not rub off and is not affected by cleaners.

Laser processing is a great alternative to sandblasting and other glass etching methods. Champagne flutes, wine glasses and even wine bottles can be laser marked using the optional rotary attachment.

Create Model, short-run packaging and P-O-P displays without dies. It is easy for laser cutting machine cut sharp curves precisely.

Create precise, intricate cuts with a sinmic laser system. Our laser systems deliver speed, repeatability and performance to complex cutting




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