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Seazea as a professional woodworking machinery manufacturer, beginning only a few years after its inception to be recognized as a supplier of unique and compelling CNC solutions. Regardless of the industry, we has been providing the most advanced, flexible, and innovative solutions, customers among the most profitable and capable of responding to any market need or special requirement.

Wood Industry sectors:

  • Furniture, the entire range of style and need
  • Nesting technologies for flat panels, a host of solutions including flow through and roller hold down
  • Beams, structural and construction oriented
  • Doors, the entire range of style and need, each individual component, slab doors, including hardware inletting
  • Stairs, the entire range both American and European, including curved handrail and other traditional requests
  • Chairs and curved plywood, in solid wood and shaped plywood
  • Windows, the entire range, each component, including hardware, window beading, complete and ready to assemble, or final exterior machining after assembly, even non-linear versions
  • Carved parts, and components of all types
  • Stone material
  • Special applications

Machining head capabilities:

  • Linear spindles, single, large multiple versions, piggy back versions
  • Automatic tool changing spindles, with 4th axis capability, in multiple versions, combined versions with 4th axis devices such as horizontal shaping, routing, sawing or drill groups, and much more...
  • Revolvers, for the fastest tool changing time possible, R8 - eight positions, tandem versions, with aggregates, 4th axis controlled aggregates, drilling, floating, sawing, etc, revolvers with ATC heads for more capacity, R4 - 4 position revolver, with ATC capability and 4th and 5th axis control of the entire group
  • 5 axis, full free form capability, ATC units, in single or multiple versions
  • and more...

World-wide furniture manufacturers must be concerned as much with innovation as with technological quality.

  SEAZEA provides flexible, powerful, and highly capable CNC wood machining solutions for furniture manufacturing

Panel based nesting is among the most important production technologies for furniture manufacturers.

SEAZEA’ advanced nesting technology enables highly efficient, high volume production.

Door manufacturers must deliver both function and style. SEAZEA’ CNC wood machining technology provides complete work cell systems capable of producing all the parts of a completed door, as well as meeting associated hardware machining requirements

Manufacturers of high quality milled and carved solid wood components require exceptional production flexibility and efficiency. A SEAZEA CNC wood machining center reduces labor requirements to almost zero by providing a powerful, highly efficient combination router and turning lathe.




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